Jun 142016

Wranglers is the first book in my new young-adult dystopian series. Check out the first 3 chapters now, and, if you’re hooked (and I hope you will be!), follow the links to grab a full copy! Thanks! Mark

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We run. We hide. And if that fails, we run and hide some more. We don’t fight back. Not ever.

Alex Wade never dreamed he’d be a fugitive at sixteen. He knew better; he knew not to fight back. No one ever fights back. Alex is a scrounger, the lowest of the low in a society where class means everything. Because in the world of the Enclave, being a scrounger means more than just being on the streets – it means being hunted, tracked by the sadistic wranglers, your fate broadcast on reality TV for all to see.

When Alex becomes the first scrounger ever to fight back against the Wranglers, the echoes of his brazen act of defiance ripple throughout the Enclave. After his own family is wrangled, Alex must do whatever is necessary to rescue them from the nightmarish Aid Areas, cabal-controlled slums where the poor are forced to fight and kill to survive. It’s a mission that will bring him up against seemingly insurmountable odds, forcing him to confront not only the wranglers, but the cruel and corrupt leaders of the Enclave itself.


The Wranglers Trilogy Book One

by Mark W. Hamner

Copyright © 2016 by Mark W. Hamner

All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1


The old watch marches through the seconds; it won’t be long now.


I hate the wranglers.


I hate the Enclave.


I hate being hungry.


I hate being hunted.

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Apr 122016

“You say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands…
It’s your fault for running holding diamonds, I said.”

– Anna Nalick

Hi guys. I’m not usually a fan of doing super long, super serious posts, but today I’ll make an exception. I’m also going to step outside of my blog’s usual purpose – to talk about writing and my books – because I think it’s important. I’m going to go into some pretty deep stuff here, so consider this your trigger warning about grief, medical issues, etc. Also, if you happen to be a family member, you seriously may not want to read this. I don’t want to bring back bad memories.

Still here? Okay, let’s go.

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Aug 062015

Hi guys! I wanted to let you know that the full novel version of Recurrent will be released soon! It will be available in both paperback and Kindle formats. It’s also part of the new(ish) Kindle Matchbook program, so if you buy the paperback version, you’ll have the ability to grab the Kindle version for Free.

As part of the release of the full version of Recurrent, the individual episodes will be removed from Amazon. For those who are right in the middle of going through the episodes, never fear – I’ll be offering the Kindle version of the full novel for Free in the coming weeks as a Thank You for those who’ve been reading the episodes.

I hope you’ll all grab the full novel once it’s out!


Apr 152015

Recurrent: Episode 8 is available now!

Now that we know there will be 10 episodes in total, check out episode 8, which brings us closer to the final revelation!

In 8, Kevin tries to deal with the aftermath of the horrors he experienced in 7, but all those pale in comparison to the completely mind-shattering reveal Dr. Shelton drops on him near the end of this episode! I hope you’ll check it out!

Grab your copy of Recurrent: Episode 8 here:

Recurrent: Episode 8 on Amazon


Mar 252015

Recurrent: Episode 7 is available now!

Guys, I’m really really excited about this one. This is the strangest, freakiest, most disturbing episode thus far. I really hope you’ll check it out!

Kevin and Sara venture deep into the corridors of the old area, where they encounter far, far more than they expected.

Grab your copy of Recurrent: Episode 7 here:

Recurrent: Episode 7 on Amazon

– Mark